Wednesday, April 7, 2010

now that I know

"I want you to turn me." Jeremy couldn't take his eyes off the beauty in Anna's eyes. Was he dreaming? Did he really say that?

Yes, he knew the truth for sure now. How many nights had he been dreaming of the moment? He was so sure she'd left for good when they had their moment in the kitchen. It was just a test. He had to know for sure and when she drank from him...he'd never felt so alive even if the rush of pain was stiffling.

See, he'd felt dead for so long now. Walking among the living. Seeing his sister find a new boyfriend. Two in fact. He bet she couldn't choose.

Yeah, he'd had to go bad to find himself, but that had got him nowhere. He was still lost. Anna was the only one who had found him and she was a vampire.

He'd wondered for a while if maybe she was a witch or a vampire slayer. She'd really tried to get him off track. But as if was, he fell in love with her brain first and then her wit and of course that smile. He just had to get to know her. He had to know the truth. And now that he did. She had to make his dream come true. She had too.

"I don't think you know what you're asking." She just stared back at him as if he were on his own on this one.

"But, why can't you?" He squinted. His mouth pouted just a little. "Please, I need this. I want this. I promise-"

She put her index finger on his lips. He stopped and looked at her as she snatched a kiss from him just to take his breath away.

"Can't I just have normal, for once." She winced.

"Its not that great. Trust me, it really isn't." Jeremy shook his head.

Anna batted her thick eye-lashes at him and took him by the hand, tugged him to his bed. She sat next to him, held his hand in hers. She took in his clean fingernails with her fingers.

"Lets think about this first." She looked at him.

"I could cut myself again." He shrugged with a sly smile.

"No. Seriously, Jeremy, you don't know what you're asking." She looked so sad, but then she touched his face. It was if she needed to study him, and he was fine with that. She kissed him then as if this would take some time to sort out. As if she could change his mind.


meg said...

They are my favorites on the show.

ellie said...

Wow I do like this!

lily said...

he better think about this.

Holly said...

Hope you write more soon.

another skin said...

"I could cut myself again.."..I like that line.

Cait said...

Keep writing!

the oaks said...

I want more!