Thursday, September 16, 2010

a new sensation

Jeremy spit out the wine first thing. It was terrible. Everything tasted so tainted, he thought now as he was very awake from his very deep sleep.

He'd been in such a quaint warm place. So relaxed. Not a problem in the world. He'd had happy thoughts. Traveling with Anna. The beach. The ocean. Yes, the ocean. But now all was back to reality. It felt so cold and dark here. Anna looked absolutely frightened. Not glowing with a beautiful tan on a sunny beach.

"Where am I?" There was a certain shock to his body. He wasn't sure how to move. It felt so certain with an energy that left his awkward.

"Its OK." Anna looked at him. But Jeremy didn't believe her. He looked at Emily. He was sure of it. She really wanted him dead. But he said nothing. He clung on to Anna instead. He just wanted her to be with him. He wanted to be alone with her.

"Well, then, if all perfect now, then I'll go." Emily was rather cold.

"You can't leave us." Anna scowled.

"Of course, not." Emily looked at her sternly. "What makes you I would?"

"Don't lie to me, like that." Anna swelled a frown, but Jeremy clung on to her. He kept willing with his thoughts for Emily to go, and she did.

"I'm fine. Really, I am." Jeremy sat up slowly next to Anna, who was slightly shaking. "We'll get through this."

"But she hates us." Anna was aware of that.

"She just doesn't trust us, completely." Jeremy knew.

"But how can we trust her?" Anna looked into Jeremy's eyes. He touched her cheek then. He didn't want to think about Emily. Anna was the only one on his mind. He kissed her as if she needed to know this was true. So very true. Honestly, all he wanted was to get inside Anna. All would be better if they could be one with each other.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

somewhere out there

What was Anna suppose to do? Every breath grew frantic. Jeremy was not breathing. She pushed and pulled at his chest. A kiss was not enough.

Did she pray? Who would she pray too. She'd witness over the centuries how God hated vampires, or so she was told. She would look to anything for help. Her eyes were sad. This was not the way it was suppose to be. What had Emily done?

Anna grew enraged by the minute. She beat at the locked door. It was as if they were in their tomb and Jeremy wasn't even there. Actually. Anna had never felt so alone in her life.

"Please God! Don't do this! Don't!" She begged beating at Jeremy's chest, trying her best to breath what life she had herself into him. Couldn't they have a do over? "EMILY!" She screeched with every pulse of pain inside her. This was Emily's doing. No one else's. Yes. Supposedly, she was a part of the process, but Emily had locked her out. Emily took over her body and locked her away. She had no idea what Emily had meant to do, other than fuck her boyfriend. Which was becoming more clear to Anna by the second. Emily had had her fun and was now gone.

She winced at the thought of Emily and her power. How she could give so much and take so much away. Anna laid across Jeremy, thinking she wanted to be where ever he was. Where ever that might be. Tears crept down her face as she thought how she might accomplish it. Some how. Some way. Perhaps only in a dream.

She touched his abs. It didn't matter how cold his flesh was. "Please, make this right God. Please." She squinted hard. Kissed him as if she somehow had to wish it so, with her love and her longing to be with him. She felt so bad that she'd ever been angry with him about Vicki. She just wanted him back. Wanted him with her. And somehow, they'd make this work. If only. If only Emily would get her ass here and do something.

Anna looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Emily appear. Maybe she walked through the wall.

"Thank God." Anna lifted her head up. She hoped Emily was here to help. She had a bottle of something.

"Thank your Goddess, too." Emily gave Anna a harsh stare.

"Jesus! What have you done! Emily!" Anna wanted to rip her apart.

"Is that thanks I get for helping you, dear sweet Anna?" Emily's stare was dead serious.

"I don't remember anything like this ever happening to me-" Anna scowled ever so slightly with a wince.

"You were just a child." Emily smiled. "I nursed you back. I made sure we took the right precautions so nothing nasty would happen."

"Nasty?" Anna winced. "What's that?"

"Lambs blood sweetened with a little red wine. OK, half and half. Actually. Do you know how hard it is to find lamb's blood in these parts?" Emily handed over the bottle to Anna.

"Is he dead?" Anna looked back at Jeremy.

"Of course. But this is like a sweet nectar, pure, simple and it'll keep him from raging vampire hormones." Emily smiled.

Anna had little faith in her. She thought it was the craziest thing she'd ever heard, but Anna wanted her Jeremy back.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

time standing still

Jeremy could hardly hear himself think. Was it happening? Had it happened? Was he a vampire now?

It was as if he could hardly shake himself in this shell of a body. A cold body plastered to the bed. He could barely open an eye-lid to see where he was. Everything seemed just a shade different. Old. Faded. Sad.

Jeremy squinted all sluggish. He thought he would be able to jump up with a new energy. Wasn't he suppose to?

But Anna was there. She'd made love to him and it was such an exhilarating energy of some kind. It was fascinating as much as she was.

Now he listened to silence. Was he even breathing? He managed his best to rise up on his elbows, but he had Anna, practically collasped on top of him. Not even dressed. She was cold to. Not on fire, like last night. When it was all becoming so brilliant on the brink of madness. His body had felt so alive and true. Now everything sensed to be in a shadow. Deep in a silence that prevailed as if everything was living except themselves.

He closed his eyes and thought of Anna. How it used to be. Her laughter. The way she put her dark hair behind her ear. There was just something golden to the thought. Not the gray of reality.

A sinking sadness swept over him. He thought he was crying. Maybe. Was he? He couldn't tell for sure. Then like a nightmare he saw Anna awake. How she came over him. She was speaking words he could not hear. But he could see her shock. The emotion as if he would not rise even if he were looking straight at her. Her hands came around his face. He felt nothing. He felt so far from her. As if he were stuck in plaster.

Was she yelling? She dressed. She went to get help. But as it was, the door was locked. No one came as she beat at the door. It was as if they were in their own tomb. Nothingness. His eyes could barely see her as she raged on, trying her best to get them out of here.

Finally, she came back. She pushed and pulled his shoulders. Even slapped him. Her lips were moving. But there was nothing. Completely quiet.

Jeremy saw her next to him then. Her arms around his chest. She'd pulled him up like a rag doll that would not move. Was he blue. Yes, he was very well blue as the night.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

around and around you go

The last thing Anna remembered was Emily promising she'd help her. Of course, Anna felt so numb as if she were practically out of her body. It was as if she were watching someone else with Jeremy. Not her true self, in her body.

She winced. Where was Emily?

She looked at her surroundings. Yes, it was faintly familar. Maybe. It had been a very long time since she had been here. She barely remembered the old plantation home. Now it was like a barren landscape. Life had once lived here. Emily's life. This was the home Anna's mother had found her. Emily had been a slave here as a child. She sensed some of Emily's bad memories. It was a sad life. Emily never knew her own mother nor her father.  Anna's mother had saved her, somehow and thankfully, Emily had always been loyal to her mother. Thus Emily had taken care of Anna.

A faint smile came to Anna as she recalled how her Mom had wanted to make Emily a vampire, because her Mom always wanted Emily with them. But witches didn't do that sort of thing. She couldn't betray her code of honor.

But now, as Anna looked down to see what was happening to Jeremy, there in that barren room that Emily had somehow spun around into a fine beautiful room for a queen, lit up like gold. Anna knew it looked like herself with Jeremy there in that bed. But it wasn't. It wasn't her at all.

As much as Anna wanted to fight it. What was really taking place between the two of them ...that was so spellbinding and sacred. The blood. The pleasure of it. Becoming united as one. A ritual of some kind. Anna thought her breath had left her body entirely. What was once bright was growing dim. Anna felt the vapor of her falling. Falling thin. Into nothing. Anna would have cried if she could. But  instead her whole world was spinning. Spinning. She felt as if she'd been put in a vaccum. Total darkness.

Anna caught her breath then. As if it had all been a bad dream. She awoke with her head on Jeremy's very cold chest. She looked around the room. So many fine beautiful things. Ancient and pure. Like an oasis of some kind. But Anna had to wonder if any of it were really real. Were she and Jeremy just a figment of Emily's imagination. Or just her puppets?