Sunday, August 22, 2010

time standing still

Jeremy could hardly hear himself think. Was it happening? Had it happened? Was he a vampire now?

It was as if he could hardly shake himself in this shell of a body. A cold body plastered to the bed. He could barely open an eye-lid to see where he was. Everything seemed just a shade different. Old. Faded. Sad.

Jeremy squinted all sluggish. He thought he would be able to jump up with a new energy. Wasn't he suppose to?

But Anna was there. She'd made love to him and it was such an exhilarating energy of some kind. It was fascinating as much as she was.

Now he listened to silence. Was he even breathing? He managed his best to rise up on his elbows, but he had Anna, practically collasped on top of him. Not even dressed. She was cold to. Not on fire, like last night. When it was all becoming so brilliant on the brink of madness. His body had felt so alive and true. Now everything sensed to be in a shadow. Deep in a silence that prevailed as if everything was living except themselves.

He closed his eyes and thought of Anna. How it used to be. Her laughter. The way she put her dark hair behind her ear. There was just something golden to the thought. Not the gray of reality.

A sinking sadness swept over him. He thought he was crying. Maybe. Was he? He couldn't tell for sure. Then like a nightmare he saw Anna awake. How she came over him. She was speaking words he could not hear. But he could see her shock. The emotion as if he would not rise even if he were looking straight at her. Her hands came around his face. He felt nothing. He felt so far from her. As if he were stuck in plaster.

Was she yelling? She dressed. She went to get help. But as it was, the door was locked. No one came as she beat at the door. It was as if they were in their own tomb. Nothingness. His eyes could barely see her as she raged on, trying her best to get them out of here.

Finally, she came back. She pushed and pulled his shoulders. Even slapped him. Her lips were moving. But there was nothing. Completely quiet.

Jeremy saw her next to him then. Her arms around his chest. She'd pulled him up like a rag doll that would not move. Was he blue. Yes, he was very well blue as the night.


meg said...

That is just scary.

Ria said...

Ahhhh! What's happening? I'm scared for Jeremy and Anna! Please update soon, I don't know if I can handle the suspense!!!

ori said...

Really, emotional. & intense.

E.L. said...

I wonder what's next.

Anonymous said...

good!it' s very useful!thx!