Thursday, August 26, 2010

somewhere out there

What was Anna suppose to do? Every breath grew frantic. Jeremy was not breathing. She pushed and pulled at his chest. A kiss was not enough.

Did she pray? Who would she pray too. She'd witness over the centuries how God hated vampires, or so she was told. She would look to anything for help. Her eyes were sad. This was not the way it was suppose to be. What had Emily done?

Anna grew enraged by the minute. She beat at the locked door. It was as if they were in their tomb and Jeremy wasn't even there. Actually. Anna had never felt so alone in her life.

"Please God! Don't do this! Don't!" She begged beating at Jeremy's chest, trying her best to breath what life she had herself into him. Couldn't they have a do over? "EMILY!" She screeched with every pulse of pain inside her. This was Emily's doing. No one else's. Yes. Supposedly, she was a part of the process, but Emily had locked her out. Emily took over her body and locked her away. She had no idea what Emily had meant to do, other than fuck her boyfriend. Which was becoming more clear to Anna by the second. Emily had had her fun and was now gone.

She winced at the thought of Emily and her power. How she could give so much and take so much away. Anna laid across Jeremy, thinking she wanted to be where ever he was. Where ever that might be. Tears crept down her face as she thought how she might accomplish it. Some how. Some way. Perhaps only in a dream.

She touched his abs. It didn't matter how cold his flesh was. "Please, make this right God. Please." She squinted hard. Kissed him as if she somehow had to wish it so, with her love and her longing to be with him. She felt so bad that she'd ever been angry with him about Vicki. She just wanted him back. Wanted him with her. And somehow, they'd make this work. If only. If only Emily would get her ass here and do something.

Anna looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Emily appear. Maybe she walked through the wall.

"Thank God." Anna lifted her head up. She hoped Emily was here to help. She had a bottle of something.

"Thank your Goddess, too." Emily gave Anna a harsh stare.

"Jesus! What have you done! Emily!" Anna wanted to rip her apart.

"Is that thanks I get for helping you, dear sweet Anna?" Emily's stare was dead serious.

"I don't remember anything like this ever happening to me-" Anna scowled ever so slightly with a wince.

"You were just a child." Emily smiled. "I nursed you back. I made sure we took the right precautions so nothing nasty would happen."

"Nasty?" Anna winced. "What's that?"

"Lambs blood sweetened with a little red wine. OK, half and half. Actually. Do you know how hard it is to find lamb's blood in these parts?" Emily handed over the bottle to Anna.

"Is he dead?" Anna looked back at Jeremy.

"Of course. But this is like a sweet nectar, pure, simple and it'll keep him from raging vampire hormones." Emily smiled.

Anna had little faith in her. She thought it was the craziest thing she'd ever heard, but Anna wanted her Jeremy back.


DFF said...

woo..hope Jeremy survives.

holly O said...

emily is a tad wicked.

another skin said...

This is getting good.

ellie said...

Emily would be in control.

ivyoaks said...

Emily is a control freak.

Holly said...

write more.

molly said...

Hope you write more. I hope tonight's vampire diaries is good too.

Ask Erena said...

following back..
Ask Erena

Anonymous said...

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