Thursday, September 16, 2010

a new sensation

Jeremy spit out the wine first thing. It was terrible. Everything tasted so tainted, he thought now as he was very awake from his very deep sleep.

He'd been in such a quaint warm place. So relaxed. Not a problem in the world. He'd had happy thoughts. Traveling with Anna. The beach. The ocean. Yes, the ocean. But now all was back to reality. It felt so cold and dark here. Anna looked absolutely frightened. Not glowing with a beautiful tan on a sunny beach.

"Where am I?" There was a certain shock to his body. He wasn't sure how to move. It felt so certain with an energy that left his awkward.

"Its OK." Anna looked at him. But Jeremy didn't believe her. He looked at Emily. He was sure of it. She really wanted him dead. But he said nothing. He clung on to Anna instead. He just wanted her to be with him. He wanted to be alone with her.

"Well, then, if all perfect now, then I'll go." Emily was rather cold.

"You can't leave us." Anna scowled.

"Of course, not." Emily looked at her sternly. "What makes you I would?"

"Don't lie to me, like that." Anna swelled a frown, but Jeremy clung on to her. He kept willing with his thoughts for Emily to go, and she did.

"I'm fine. Really, I am." Jeremy sat up slowly next to Anna, who was slightly shaking. "We'll get through this."

"But she hates us." Anna was aware of that.

"She just doesn't trust us, completely." Jeremy knew.

"But how can we trust her?" Anna looked into Jeremy's eyes. He touched her cheek then. He didn't want to think about Emily. Anna was the only one on his mind. He kissed her as if she needed to know this was true. So very true. Honestly, all he wanted was to get inside Anna. All would be better if they could be one with each other.


E.L. said...

wow. jeremy's back.

meg said... scary. Glad he's back.

ayşegül said...

heey where are you. xoxo