Sunday, April 11, 2010

does it have to be you

Anna didn't know if he were telling her the truth. She needed honesty. She needed trust. It was a lonely life out here. She never changed anyone unless it was for her dirty work. And was he enamured with her really? Or someone else.

She would hate for him to lie to her. But as she hoovered over him there on the bed. Almost touching, but not quiet. She couldn't help but smile. She really wanted him to be the one. Her one true love. But then his sister had to come into his room and Anna had to disappear.

Anna rolled her eyes when she heard his sister tell him to close the windows because of the storm. She bet his sister ordered him to take out the trash too.  Suddenly, he wasn't quite as charming as he was. But she really loved that sad look in his eyes. His mouth. Have you been working out. She'd notice his biceps, too.

There was so much of Jeremy she wanted to know. But could she? Should she?

She wasn't sure she wanted to discuss this with her mom. After all, she was trying to be there for her, but as it was they had too many house guests. She felt safer at Jeremy's house. She wanted to live with Jeremy.

Yeah, she wanted Jeremy to tell her all the right answers. She had to be sure if he was worth it.


past the point said...

anna is so wise to be so young.

meg said...

I hope she won't get evil on him.

izzy and dev said...

I love it.

Meg said...

I hope Jeremy doesn't disappoint her.