Sunday, April 18, 2010

sorting it out

Jeremy couldn't help but think it had all started over about how he felt about Vicki when he found out the truth. Her body by the river. It just didn't seem real. Yet even more unreal to think she was a vampire.

He didn't want to think about her, but he couldn't stop.

Really, Anna was his new life. Vicki was his old life. He wouldn't dare want to go back and be second fiddle to her old ways. Especially, when Vicki had a boyfriend, anyway. Didn't mean he treated her right, but she hadn't treated Jeremy right, either.

It was wrong. All of it. Just a warped love that wasn't even true. She was needy and selfish. And it had made him that way too. He didn't want to be that Jeremy. Not when he had Anna in his life.

"Why are you sure - I'm not sure?" Jeremy asked Anna point blank the next time she slipped through his window. He still wanted it open for her.

"What?" She thought he was joking. "What sort of question is that? You know you're hung up on her. You know it." It was as if she could see inside him, and it was kind of annoying. He hated that about her, but still she was amazing. To have lived so long and be so strong and smart. There were so many things he wanted to learn from her.

"Look, I want your help. I need you. Honestly, I do. I wouldn't want anyone else to turn me, but you. You know that, don't you." He felt so helpless. It was as if he had no future.

"Is that some sort of warped love you have me?" She pouted.

"No." He just couldn't say it yet. He wanted to. He did. He tried to kiss her then. But she bit his bottom lip instead as if she need a taste to know if were true. The next thing he knew she was gone. As if she'd never been there in the first place. His lip dripped just a bit of blood.


misty said...

I loved the last sentence.

ellie said...

wooo..she might be biter.

meg said...

now thats a love bite!

Holly said...

she's just a tad wicked.