Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anna didn't know

Anna thought she might be losing it. It was't like her to fall in love
so easily. After all she was wise beyond hre years. She did know how
to use a guy, didn't she?

What was it about Jeremy that intrigued her so much? Ok he was
adorable, smart...great abs. didn't mean to be soo shallow...but maybe she was.
Anna went home and kept to herself. Naturally she savored the taste oh
his blood. He was like chocolate but better. Anna couldn't help but
smile. She wanted him so bad. Unfortunately her mother had other plans
for her.

"I want you to start seeing the mayor's son," her Mom said.

"What! Are you crazy!" Anna didn't even like the smell of him.

"He's the one for you." Her mom meant it too. How would she ever get
out of this?

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ellie said...

oh no..not the mayor's son.

misty said...

I like the pictures you added.

lily said...

I want more.

meg said...

cool. well, lets hope she doesn't fall for Tyler.

simon n josh said...

oh no, about Tyler.