Tuesday, April 27, 2010

in a tail spin

Jeremy's nursed his wound. He didn't know if Anna's little love bite upped him anywhere on the vampire scale or not. Probably not.

Now, he just wasn't so sure if he wanted to go vamp or not. He felt so loss. Actually. His sis could comfort him so much and well, he wished Anna could be a little more considerate to his feelings right now. Seeing he knew the truth about Vicki now.

But deep down Anna was very cold. She was just a good actress after all. And she'd laid it out all for him how she really was. She'd covered nothing up.

Obviously, she had never been in love. Had she?

And really, he wanted this to be love that he felt for her. He did have feelings for her. Maybe. OK, she was so quirky and it felt strange being around her even at the library. He didn't think she had been compelling him then. It wasn't like that. He wasn't that drawn to her. But it was something gradual. And he wanted to know more. He wanted to know what she was capable of. It was as if it had reached some new height.

After all, he had opened himself up to her. He'd even been working out. A little. All right, maybe more than a little. But he wanted her to see that he could be worth it. Since she'd sort of been seeing that eye-candy bartender.  Jeremy really wanted her to notice him.

Obviously, she had.

Now it seemed everything backfired. In his face. He licked his wound now. Why couldn't he say the right things to Anna? He wanted to. But this Vicki thing had way laid him. How could he ever recover from that?


meg said...

I never liked viki.

Holly said...

I didn't either. Oh, come on Anna.

so jade said...

He and Anna have a chemistry.

misty said...

wow, I like him.

Heath and Nick said...

Hope he knows her, like he thinks he does.

the oaks said...

Hopefully, its not over.