Monday, May 10, 2010

can't stop

Was he dreaming? It felt like it. How did she do it?

He was sexed up and ready, actually for something human with her. His smile invited her in. Nothing could stop them now. Funny, how he thought he might be protecting her from Tyler when his hands came around her and found himself wrapped up in her kiss. It was sort of like picking a rose. Little pricking sensations of her snagged him as if this could be dangerous. But whatever, he knew they wanted each other in their own way.

And it was happening. A little nibble there. A puncture here. Had she bit him on his abs? His inner thigh? She was all over him. He was all over her. Breathing in and breathing out, each other. He felt brand new. Somehow.

"Did you do it?" He couldn't help smiling because parts of him had come to some conclusion they could be old lovers fast.

"No." She straddled him. His hands cupped her buttocks so. "Wait a minute? What are we talking about?" She was consumed with a laugh then. He knew she felt something. It was so automatic and true.

He sighed contently. Finally, she toppled over next to him. And he held her close.

"Why can't you stay with me?" He pushed his fingers through her bouncy locks.

"You know my mother wouldn't approve." She looked at him seriously.

"Why does she hate me so suddenly?" Jeremy winced.

"Who knows." Anna's smile was sweet. "I don't care what she thinks. I know what I want."

"So do I." He was certain too as she bit his bottom lip. They belonged together. Forever.


meg said...

very hot...

Fenny said...

Nice fanfic!

cait said...

so sexy!

simon n josh said...

I watched the finale last night..can't believe they did that to anna!

Fenny said...

omg, what a great story