Friday, May 7, 2010

I might like you better if we slept together

Anna couldn't get Jeremy out of her mind. She wanted him. Still. She didn't know she could feel this way about a human. But it was true. She was letting herself fall in love.

Dinner with Tyler was a drag. He was harmless, really. Sure, he thought he was a stud and all. But really, he was just an insecure brat. She could hardly wait to get away from him. The dinner couldn't be over fast enough. Naturally, she had to race home and report to her mother, as if some sort of progress had been made. She didn't ask why this was so important. Instead, she played her good girl act and went straight to bed. Only she didn't stay there. She went to someone else's bedroom. Jeremy's.

He was out, but not by natural sleep. He'd taken something right out of the bathroom cabinet. Cold meds. She saw the empty bottle on the floor. Suddenly she felt so sad how she had rejected him. She hadn't meant to. Really.

But here he was for the taking. She tugged off his shirt, and she spread her hands across his chest just to make her want to be with him more. He was so warm. Hot in fact. She took off her clothes and slid under the comforter with him. It made her shiver ever so, to be next to his heat. She just had to have a little taste of him.

Why did she have to be so alone? He tasted of honey. The over the counter drug running through his veins made her feel happy and wanting more. It was dreamy and fun. She saw it as some sort of an awakening. He was very awake now.

She smiled as she looked down on him. Really, all she wanted to see was what she'd been missing. She wouldn't hurt him. She'd never hurt Jeremy. Never.


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Livie23 said...

Never Say Never by Romeo Void? haha either way, great line for the post


Holly said...

cool. love that line, too.

Holly said...

cool. love that line, too.

the oaks said...

I think she's hot for Jeremy.

Fenny said...

Nice plot. Keep going on it!