Wednesday, May 5, 2010


When Jeremy saw Tyler and Anna down at the grill, he thought he might lose it. What the hell? This wasn't like Anna. And with Tyler. Jeremy couldn't stand that guy.

"What are you doing to me?" He cornered her. Couldn't she tell she was hurting him?

"What? You said you were having second thoughts." She was so cold now. More cold than ever before.

"And now you want him?" Jeremy brooded as if this was extremely painful to watch.

"Did I say that?" Anna had no emotion.

"God, I-I thought...I thought we had something." He was ready to curl up and stay in his room forever. Maybe he'd find someone out in the woods he could get some drugs from. He couldn't take this. He just couldn't. Seeing her with Tyler.

"Grow up." Her words were haunting. What was she doing now? Repealing him?


so jade said...

She's so mean. I like the title too.

ellie said...

her grow up line..hahaha.