Tuesday, May 18, 2010

don't you know it

"You think Ben will do the trick?" Jeremy snickered just a little. Anna slid her hand in his.

"Lets say, I'm not sure who's keeping who more occupied. But she hasn't came out of room for quite a while now." Anna laughed softly.

"Good thing you saved him from the fire after all." Jeremy sighed. "So what is it I have to do before you'll change me?" After all, she'd turned Ben into a vamp with hardly a blink. Why would this be so hard for her?

"Baby, I just don't know if you understand what you're getting into?" She looked at him all dreamy as if she loved having fun with a hot blooded mortal.

"Of course, I do." He was serious.

"But you'll need a ring and, and don't you want to finish high school?" She was so dreamy. Jeremy was so ready to fall into something with her. His body leaned in. They kissed. His room was becoming their sanctuary. They ate at each other's lips for sometime as he reached under her blouse as his finger tips edged toward her buttocks.

"I don't want to finish high school." He reminded her. "I know all I need to know, just being with you." He smiled then as she put her arms around him.

"But this is so much fun." She smiled then and things started to come undone between them. He could hardly wait to have her with his jeans still on. Of course, they slipped ever so cozy just so they could have some fun with their clothes on. He lifted her up and slipped inside her. His eyes went tight as he felt her weight pushing in. He hugged as if his life depended on it. Heaving ever so slightly, a struggle of delight. He pushed her back against the wall. Always wanting more even if his legs felt so weak. Somehow, she made him stronger. It was as if they'd just begun.


ellie said...

oh boy.

meg said...

I don't know who's wrapped up more tighter in each other.

a jacob black tale said...

I wonder if there will be more of Ben..coming.

lily said...

everyone is having fun.

Holly said...

quite sexy.

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