Saturday, May 22, 2010

its in the blood

Jeremy was making it so hard to think. Really, it was hard to concentrate on what had to be done. At least her Mom wasn't going on about how bad the Gilberts were now. She was catching up on what it was really like to have a sex drive in this century.

Anna didn't tell Jeremy, but she'd tasted Tyler. There was just something not quite right about him, but she wasn't sure what it was. He repulsed her all the more. But it wasn't his temper or his body. Something entirely different. There was something not quite human about Tyler.

Only, he wasn't a vampire, either.

She let Jeremy kiss her neck. She felt herself pulsating for him. Instantly, they were in bed, together. Possibly consummating what she'd planned out to do all along, but not quite. She had to have a little nibble of him just to make it fun. And she knew how he wanted it too.

Would it really be this good? Once he was like her? It would be like training a puppy, she supposed.

Of course, Tyler came to mind. Her eyes lit. Canine. Yes, that was it. He was special, wasn't he? Maybe it was his breath that gave it away, or just those eyes. Anna smiled then.

"What's so funny?" Jeremy was on top then, pushing in with is generous moves so deep and satisfying.

"Its nothing." She kissed him so longingly then. Really, she was going to have to get to know Tyler, after all.


meg said...

I want to know Tyler's secret.

simon and josh said...

a were wolf?

he and him said...

can a vampire and a werewolf get along?

ellie said...

Yeah, what is up with him?

the oaks said...

I can't wait for more of this.

ayşegül said...

waauuw very interesting.I love your blog and adding my blog xxoo