Wednesday, May 26, 2010

more than a feeling

Tyler wasn't sure he could take it much longer. Hiding these feelings he had for someone.

Naturally, it didn't help they'd been involved with someone who turned out to be dead now.

He was over that, actually. Had been for some time now.  And he'd had no one to erase his memories.

Of course, he knew his mother was keeping things from him too. He just didn't know what. But then when his father was murdered, things changed. It frightened him in the beginning. He was sure of it. His Dad had been a vampire. How could he have not known.

Naturally, his mom had defended his Dad. After all, he was the mayor. Who would have wanted a vampire for a mayor of Mystic Falls. It was as if his family had been cursed now.

"Oh, we've always been cursed, Ty." His Mom finally broke down and admitted.

Tyler was sure his mother knew now. How he really felt about Jeremy. He'd done his best to fight these feelings he had for him. He didn't want to be gay. He didn't. He'd get so angry with himself. Then lash out at Jeremy as if it were all his fault. He'd felt like a freak.

"What are you talking about, Mom?" Tyler now said as they were alone. It felt so desolate now.

"You'll be OK. I swear you will." She just smiled and pushed her fingers through his hair. For a minute he thought his Mom was coming on to him. This was freaking Tyler more.

"What are you talking about?" Tyler glared at her.

"You've been taking these pills since you've been old enough to take them." She got out the big brown bottle from the bathroom cabinet. "You've never hurt anyone."

Tyler nodded. He'd been in some bad-ass fights, but no, he'd never damaged anyone nor put them in a coma.

"You'll just keep taking them and you'll be fine."

Tyler just winced. He wondered what would happen if he didn't?


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This is so intereting about Tyler.

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Feeling bad for Tyler.

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