Friday, May 28, 2010

a little talk


Just hearing her daughter from the stairway made Pearl smile. Of course, Ben had made her smile more. She was so happy he was so much younger than her and really knew how to satisfy her in bed. It was a lovely time, getting to know him. She thought she could handle him. After all, she was quite good knowing how to satisfy vampires.

As it was, he really was quite obedient. Especially, since the fire. She thought he was much more sure of himself in so many way, and she meant to get know everything about him. Especially, if she kept his clothes from him.

But as it was, he was in a deep sleep in her bed. She went to put on a robe and see what this was about with Anna.

"Yes?" She met her in the kitchen. They went to the formalities of tea even if in the end it was only blood.

"I have a question to ask you." Anna looked at her concerned.

"What is it?" She could sense Anna was serious. She knew she loved Jeremy. They took a seat in the kitchen.

"Are their werewolves in Mystic Falls?" Anna looked up at her.

"Oh dear, what brought this on?" Pearl took Anna's hand.

"Well, its Tyler. Something is wrong with him." Anna sounded so sure.

"Tyler?" Pearl winced. "Well, if he is, I don't think he knows. Someone is working very hard to keep him from knowing."

"But are there?" Anna still wanted to know.

"Possibly," Pearl sighed. "But I thought they did all away with them when they were rounding up the vampires. See, they'd heard an old wife's tale how werewolves could take care of the vampires. Well, werewolves aren't that smart. And they behave badly and are rather unpredictable during a full moon. So that backfired on them, and they were in for them too."

"Why didn't I know?" Anna winced.

"Because, you were so young. I didn't want to scare you." Pearl squeezed Anna's hand. Anna just smiled. "I'm sure you have nothing to worry about with Tyler, but thanks for telling me. I really want you tell me, everything." She wanted to know everything about Jeremy.


meg said...

Interesting conversation.

ellie said...

good they can talk.

so jade said...

That was sweet of her to tell her these things.

ayşegül said...

good relatıon w mom :D

ayşegül said...

hve a good w
love y :))

Holly said...

This was cool.

axel said...

she's a good mom.

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sid and violet said...

I'm glad Pearl is in this.

Fenny said...

I believe werewolf is exist.

simon and josh said...

I wonder about Tyler now.

Berlin said...

Thank you =)

That was a full A4 size drawing.

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