Saturday, June 5, 2010

its how you know

Jeremy was alone at the library. He was a tad depressed. Kind of.

Well, when he thought of Anna, naturally, he couldn't keep from smiling. Of course, there was a lot on his mind. She wanted him to stay in school. Graduate. He wanted to just go with her.

Her long drawn out story about they'd be in school forever.

So what, he thought. He didn't want to get any older. Especially, when she only looked 15 or 16. It might be a stretch, but she could just say she was 18 one day, or they just looked young for their age. He promised they wouldn't have to be in school, forever. But there was that ring to worry about. He'd want one if he wanted to go out in daylight. Then there was this whole monster thing to have to worry about. Just might as well go to rehab to get over the initial transition when becoming a vamp. Naturally, he had Anna and he couldn't ask for a better teacher, now could he?

More to smile about. Yeah, he could hardly wait for school to be out. Let the transition commence. He could hardly wait. No football camp for him. He was ready to go to the dark-side. And not a minute too soon.

"What the hell are you smiling about?"

The words stung Jeremy. He looked up to see Tyler staring at him.

"Its nothing." Jeremy gave him an angry look back.

"You're suppose to be mourning Vicki. You said I never loved her." Tyler reminded him they'd had a fight. Almost physical, but Damien had warded off Tyler just in time. Naturally, Jeremy didn't want Damien doing a damn thing for him. He was the one who warped his memories of Vicki.

"Look, I never said that exactly." Jeremy was pained by the mention of Vicki. "Just stop being an asshole, asshole."

"You're the asshole!" Tyler said all disgruntled.

Just then Msr.Hanes with her hen picked nose told them to leave. She glared at both of them over her reading glasses. It gave Jeremy a shiver of disgust. Next thing he knew, Tyler was taking him through the trees. As if Tyler were some sort of demon, himself. It took Jeremy's breath away. He had no idea Tyler had that kind of power. So light on his feet, and fierce too. He had Jeremy dangling on a limb out in the wilderness.

"WHAT ARE YOU!" Jeremy scowled. This was the last place he expected or needed to be.

He could see the intense look on Tyler's face as if he had even shocked himself a little.

"I need to talk to you." Tyler hung on Jeremy's collar. He didn't let him fall.

"Can we do it somewhere else?" Jeremy looked down. They were way up in the tree.

"What's wrong with here?" Tyler didn't let go of him.

"I dunno. Its just weird." Jeremy's face tensed.

"I just want it to be us." Tyler growled.

In the next moment, Tyler took Jeremy's breath away in a deep kiss.


ayşegül said...

Tyler took Jeremy's breath
away in a deep kiss and ı want the
resault a.s.a.p. :D

love y..
good w.end :p

so jade said...

Oh wow, I had no idea!

ellie said...

what next???

izzy and dev said...

Tyler is definitely making his move now.

ayşegül said...

have a nıce week :D

axel said...

so interesting to see how this turns out.