Saturday, June 26, 2010

what if I told you what I did before

Tyler felt a calm come over the rage inside him. He's so wanted Jeremy to want him. He didn't want him tied up. But he couldn't take his chances of Jeremy getting away. Perhaps he didn't have the kind of compulsion that Anna had, but perhaps he could stop what feelings Jeremy might really have for her. Maybe they weren't even real for Anna. That was possibly fake too.

But this, this was no faking dream. And if they were together, they could be stronger. What good was it to be the lone wolf? Damn it, Tyler was no longer taking those so called vitamins his mother had him on. Things had changed since the town killed his father. He wasn't going to be a whipped dog. No he needed this. He needed Jeremy.

"Look, I won't hurt you." Tyler told Jeremy. He'd taken him up to the firehouse lookout in the forest. Nobody used it, anymore. It was pretty much locked up now.  They were locked in. It felt like a safe house. Away from the wilderness below.

"Then untie me." Jeremy gave him a serious glare.

"I dunno if I can trust you." Tyler looked at Jeremy's hands.

"God, Tyler, I-I still-" Jeremy was slightly shaking. "I dunno what you're trying to do to me." Jeremy winced.

"I need you," he told him. Tyler stared at him as if it might be a contest. Damn, he was going to win this or else. He was certain. But Tyler gritted. "I've got no one but you."  He winced then.

"What?" Jeremy squinted back as if Tyler had lost him.

Suddenly, Tyler jerked his T-shirt over his head to expose what laid in waiting under his skin.

"What are you doing?" Jeremy sounded like a little lamb waiting for the slaughter. Tyler felt the urge to want to snap him in two. But he wouldn't. He couldn't. Instead he turned his back to show Jeremy, his sharp backbone waiting to pierce through his outside skin.. A full moon was coming. He was off the meds now.

Tyler had no idea what to expect.

"Touch it." Tyler whispered.

Jeremy shook his head, no.

Tyler unwound what had bound Jeremy's hands. He so needed a human touch. How else would he get through this?


Ria said...

I really love Jeremy and Anna together, but I feel so bad for Tyler! I'm conflicted!! Anyway, please write more for this soon, I was so sad when you didn't update for almost two weeks. I'm glad you're back, and I love this.

jeremy's turn said...

Thanks so much Ria. I do love Anna & Jeremy together. But I kind of like Tyler too..although, I've seen him a bully for so long. Recently, I watched THE GATES..and who knows, maybe I'll start a fan fic from that show too. Anyway, it inspired me a little about Tyler.

ellie said...

This is twisting and turning. For sure.

so jade said...

I so feel for Tyler.

meg said...

very intense!

ori said...

gotta say I love it.