Tuesday, July 13, 2010

next step

Emily's eyes rolled back in her head. A vision came to her. She could see Jeremy so clearly. Yes, she knew exactly where he was. How scared he'd been. And how afraid he was when Tyler turned into the Lycan way, yet he'd gone off into the woods to do is work. As if he really didn't want to eat Jeremy.

"Well, he's safe." Emily finally told Anna. "For the moment."

"What do you mean?" Anna asked.

"I know he's very close to you. And Tyler sees you as a threat. He wants to take him away from you. That's why he's put up these barriers." Emily explained.

"How did he do that? Was it magic?" Anna wanted to know.

"Hardly, that boy has no idea what he's capable of." Emily shrugged.

"What should we do?" Anna wanted to know. "How can we get there?"

"Hold on," Emily let go of Anna's hand and went to one of her 17 magazines on the floor next to her bed. She turned the pages.

"This no time to be looking at a fashion magazine." Anna fretted.

Emily just smiled as she looked to see what people were wearing today. Oddly, it looked like something from a fairytale. Not exactly something to get the job done in. Finally, she found a picture of a girl in good old levis and a peasant top. She guessed that would have to do. She swrilled her finger about the picture. She soon was dressed for the occasion. Sneakers too.

She gave Anna a look over. She supposed Anna didn't need a change for such matters. Emily sighed then. Really, it was good riddens to that awful dress she'd had on for centuries. Her hair was down now. And she looked capable of anything. Nothing would hold her back.

"Well, come on." She grabbed Anna's hand. "What are we waiting for?"


Ria said...

Great update! I like how Emily changed her clothes using the magazine, that was cool! I'm dying to know how this will all work out! How will Emily and Anna get to Jeremy? What is Tyler's master plan to get rid of Anna? Will they all survive? So many questions!!! I can't wait to read more and (hopefully) answer some of these questions!

ayşegül said...

Ooohhhh mu god ıt's lıke a bıg problem wıthout answer :Pp
love you. xoxo

jeremy's turn said...

Thanks Ria! & Ays.

meg said...

oh, boy, looks so interesting.

the oaks said...

wow about emily!

misty said...

looking so good!