Saturday, July 10, 2010

part of the rules

"You won't tell your Mom that I'm back, will you?" As always Emily had that mysterious look about her.

"No." Anna knew Emily was sure her mother was angry with her. Of course, Anna didn't know for sure. They had been old friends. Best friends. After all, her mother had commanded Emily to take care of her. As it was Emily was legioned to her in the end, so what did it matter what her mother thought now.

"Something awful must have happened because I know you wouldn't have called me, otherwise." Emily hugged herself. She was still in her olden day clothes. Even had her bonnet in place.

"Its Jeremy." Anna told her.

"You know, how your mother feels about that family." Emily reminded her.

"I know, but I think she's come around." Anna set on her bed. Emily came to sit next to her. She was in complete human form. Not a vapor now.

"And how might that have happened?" Emily looked at her.

"You know, I found her someone to play with." Anna let a smile slip when she thought of Ben.

"Aw, but vampires, really aren't toys." Emily gave Anna a glare as if she'd over stepped her bounds.

"He'll be good to her." Her mother would end it before it went bad. She supposed Ben was disposable, but she sort of liked having him around for her mother.

"Hmph." Emily was indifferent about it. "What do you need?" She sounded as if she needed to get back to a picnic or something.

"He's in danger. I can feel it. I just need him back. I want Jeremy with me. Do you understand." Anna tensed then grabbing Emily's hand as if she could somehow have a little bit of her magic ora.

"Oh Lordy, sweet child of mine." Emily gave her a hard look as if she knew everything about her and Jeremy then. "Don't tell me, you did the wild thing with him, didn't you?"

 "What?" Anna squinted hard.

"I remember when you were an innocent little thing. You promised me, you'd stay that way. Always." Her eyes tensed as she gazed into Anna's eyes.

"Did I?" That had been a long time ago. She was just a babe then. It had been a cruel world.

"I see that you love him." She closed her eyes gently then as she grasped her hand tighter. "But you must face consequences." She whispered then.

"Consequences! What are you talking about." Anna's chest suddenly tightened. She jumped up then, wondering what to do. But Emily hung on to her hand. It was as if Emily was suddenly a part of this, and Anna wasn't sure she wanted Emily here, after all.


ellie said...

that was mysterious what emily said.

ori said...

wonder how this will turn out.

Ria said...

Crap! Consequences! Those suck! Anyway, I'm really glad that Emily will now be featured in this story, I love her!