Monday, July 5, 2010

trying to understand

"Whats wrong with you?" Jeremy managed to ask Tyler. What if he was never human? Jeremy then thought. Had someone done a bad science experiment on him.

"I was born this way." Tyler finally confessed.

"What? Being an asshole?" Jeremy let slip, but wish he hadn't.

"I don't want to have feelings for you! I don't!" Tyler gritted then. "I hate myself!"

"You still haven't told me anything." Jeremy winced. "Are you gay for me? Or what?"

"I dunno." Tyler turned from him. "I just can't control it." He winced.

"Look, I-I-" Jeremy shook his head. True, that kiss had taken his breath away. But this thing with Anna was powerful too. And he really didn't want to be with anyone but Anna. "I have feelings for someone else." He could barely get the words out. He so wanted Anna to rescue him right now. Where was she. "Just- look, maybe she could help you." Wouldn't that be the right solution. Anna would know what to do. He really needed Anna. He bit his bottom lip. He hoped she got here soon.


Ria said...

This was sooo good, I loved it! And aww, Jeremy! I hope Anna saves him soon so there can be Janna fluffiness again! On the other hand, I do really like the drama, so this is good too! But I'm a sucker for fluff! Anyway, I still feel really bad for Tyler and I hope that someone (Anna?) can help him through his problems. I can't wait for the next update, I'm really curious about what Emily is going to do to help Anna. Please write more soon!

P.S. I love Pretty Little Liars too! I think that the actress who plays Emily ( on TVD, not on PLL) makes an amazing Maya!
P.P.S. I love the new banner! It looks really great!

jeremy's turn said...

thanks, thanks for the feedback too.

ellie said...

Tyler, what will he do???

meg said...

Tyler worries me.