Thursday, August 5, 2010


"So?' Her mother met Anna at the door as soon as she got home. Anna felt the need to keep things formal for her mom these days. "What have you been up too?"

"You mean, you don't know?" Anna just gave her mom a sly grin. "I thought I was always on your radar?"

"You keep slipping from me, child." Her mom put her arm around her. Anna wanted to trust her Mom, but sometimes, she wondered if she completely did.

"Do I?" Anna  gave her another impish grin. "Look, you know I was out with Jeremy. I'm tired now. I need to rest." But really what she needed to do was plan this out, more thoroughly about their destination. Just how it should be with Jeremy.

"Fine." Her mother looked at her sternly. Anna hoped she couldn't read her thoughts. Seriously, she didn't like being with so many vampires. Was she becoming human, she wondered then. Anna scurried to her room. Any other times, she'd came in through her window. Now she just couldn't be too careful. Always someone out to get them. She just hoped it wasn't her mom.

Anna got ready for bed. She looked at the vile of blood, a bright red crystal necklace. Jeremy needed it. But a part of her wanted to give him fresh blood. Her blood at the very moment it took place. She thought of how it would happen. Where. How they needed to be alone. She needed to take him some place far from here. Although, it felt like planning a honeymoon when it would be nothing like that. Would it?

She turned off the lamp and rested, thinking of Jeremy. How it might be for him. His reaction. His thought process. She would be careful. She would be with him, every step of the way. Of course, she dreamed of him, right there with her. Now.

"I took it. I did it like you told me too." He said.

"When? But I didn't give it to you? What are you talking about Jeremy?" Anna went to find the necklace on her dresser. It hadn't been touched. "What blood? Jeremy what blood did you drink?"

The blue veins shown in his face and he was beginning to transform, but it wasn't a vampire, but a wild animal. A beast. He was no longer human, but something fierce and more in rage than Anna could possibly know how to deal with. Jeremy was a werewolf.


ori said...

what happened????

ellie said...

oh no..seriously? hmmm..very interesting.

Anonymous said...


Ria said...

Noooooo!!! I don't know what to say in response to this! It's so crazy, and I really wanted Jer to be a vampire! What happened? And more importantly, what happens now?! I'm freaking out! Please update soon!!!

ivy said...

Thanks for the note Ria & all..I'm thinking I might have 2 versions going on..but I haven't quite decide yet.

cass and cady said...

So unexpected.

mazzy said...

say it ain't so?????

Anonymous said...

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