Monday, August 9, 2010

me in the corner

"Anna, Anna, Anna." Emily shook her head as she grasped the lost child's shoulders. "That was just a dream, baby." Emily's lip curled up, so slyly. She needed to be need. Emily had to admit she enjoyed this a little too much. She didn't really hate Anna's mother. It was just delightful to have this power at her finger tips, in her mind. Everywhere. Actually.

"But I saw it! I felt it." Anna winced who was now in Emily's room aka, Tyler's room and he was dead to the world. She peaked over Emily's shoulder. "He's not dead, is he?"

"No." Emily had to chuckle at that. Really she'd put him through the test in all sorts of ways and indeed, he was purely hers now. "Look, you know, I'm here to help you. Why haven't you changed him, already?"

"I-I- just keep thinking, what if I'm wrong. What if I'm taking Jeremy from his true destiny." Anna tensed.

"Hush, child, don't even talk like that." Her index finger touched Anna's lips.

"It would be horrible if-if it all goes wrong and that uncle of his or someone, kills him..before..before he could be all he could be." Anna had tears in her eyes then.

"Baby, where is this coming from? Honestly, you shouldn't even think it." Emily's stare was haunting. She did want to bring up some ghost to Anna. "You love him, don't you?"

Anna nodded as if she were under her spell.

"But, I need your help."Anna told her.

"I know." Emily was there for her. "You have the ring?"

Anna nodded like an obedient pet.

"Good." Emily smiled. "Then go to him. Don't trust the blood necklace. He'll need fresh blood. Only your blood. You truly want to be as one, don't you?"

"Uh, huh." Anna was purely innocent. Just the way Emily wanted her. Emily craddled Anna's cheek then. Her lips met Anna. Her tongue sparked Anna's. It was the first step to forever.


Ria said...

I'm so confused!!! What's going on in this story? Emily/ Tyler? Anna/ Jeremy? Tyler/ Jeremy? Now Anna/ Emily? And Jeremy is still human? Not a werewolf or a vampire? Please explain this! I love this story, but I'm lost!!!

ori said...

Its getting twisted.

meg said...

Why did she do that????

E.L. said...

must update soon!

ellie said...

I wonder what Emily is up too.

tyler's turn said...

I'm trying something new ..for an alternative story about Jeremy & Tyler at another fan fic blog. Didn't want to make too many upset here.